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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Drink, Pee, Suck

Sometimes, if I’m really dehydrated when I’m sleeping, I’ll dream I’m drinking water. Great bottomless gallons of it. And it tastes so good that, when I wake up and get a real-life drink, it’s always a little disappointing.

Conversely, if I have to pee, I’ll dream that I’m looking for a bathroom and can’t find one. Or else I find them but there’s always something wrong. Filthy, broken, overflowing, no toilet paper, no door, occupied. When I wake up and have a real-life pee, it’s always a great relief.

Last night, I dreamt I was vacuuming my bedroom. And before I could finish it, the vacuum cleaner broke. I kept running the machine over the mess but the mess just kept lying there. It was the actual mess, too, not some dreamed-up nightmare pile.

What do you suppose that says about my sleeping state of mind?


jen said...

When I was in college, we referred to a certain something er other... between two consenting adults...ahem...vacuuming or being vacuumed.
So, your subconscious mind is obviously in the gutter.
It will have good company as my subconscious mind if forever dreaming of those sucker fish...gah.

Charlie said...

yeah, but when you woke up and really vacuumed, was it disappointing or a great relief?

EGE said...

Oh, honey, I didn't vacuum when I woke up!

EGE said...

PS Jen: so, um, in this hypothetical euphemistic vacuum -- oh, no, wait. I get it. Der.

amanda said...

I reckon it's just as well you don't dream you are actually peeing. Or you might wake up in a wet bed.