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Friday, August 22, 2008

I Was W---- ... ahem... I Was W----

Okay, so I was not so much corectamundo.


I may have recently implied (for which please read: explicitly stated) that my husband, Johnny, was going to turn 50 in the spring.

This is not true.

For the record: on March 14, 2009, Johnathan Patrick Conroy of Weymouth, Massachusetts (formerly of Dublin, Ireland) will be 49.

I, however, am unfortunately still going to turn 40. Not tomorrow -- not for more than eleven months, in fact -- but, in the words of another famously neurotic blonde: it's out there.



LadyCiani said...


When splorp! turned 30 I was turning 21 in a few weeks. He was strangely upset that we were no longer in the same decade, and it would take 9 more years before our ages began with the same number.

Well, that and the fact that he was turning 30. Yeah, that didn't go over so well.

pork luck said...

I love that Johnny always seems to be wearing the same outift.

Leslie said...

I have little sympathy for either of you, since shortly after his 49th birthday, I will really truly be turning 50, and I am not taking it well. Nosireee I am not.

jen said...

look at how cute he is. I mean REALLY!

EGE said...

LC -- I never thought before about the fact that we're only the same decade for a year. Now I will!

PL -- Yeah, he's not really a dress-up kind of guy. For the record, though: it's not technically the same outfit. Just the same general wardrobely ilk.

LESLIE!!! -- I'm so glad you're back!!! Happy Married Month!

Jen -- I know, right?