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Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm Late! I'm Late!

Last week sometime, Athena over at Hot Child in the Suburbs gave me a Major Award. No, it is not a leg lamp. It is not even fragilé -- but it is brillante! It is this:

She said she gave it to me because I'm smart, which makes me wonder about her a little bit. But I like her because she's snarky, so maybe she was just being a wiseass.

Speaking of snarky, she says there's all these rules about what I have to do now, but I don't feel like playing by no stinking rules. Besides, some of them I didn't even understand (so much for smart, eh?). So I'm going to make up my own rules and award it forward to just two people on my blogroll who really, really, really make me laugh:

First, to I-don't-know-her-real-name at Lucky Pork: Because she draws silly pictures of her life in San Francisco and they always make me laugh. Like this one of her with toilet paper in her bike shorts, look:

You see? Silly! She also write short little captions that perfectly say what would take me 3000 words.

Unfortunately, she's also a Giants fan.

So I hate her. Boo.

And to Jen at All the Pretties: Because I like to pretend we're having a drink and talking on the phone when I read her posts. She doesn't post as much as she used to, but she didn't post at all for a long time, so we're just happy that she's back at all. Read through her archives. Especially this one, which is how I found her, in which she fesses up to being a human chimney.

She doesn't smoke anymore, though, so (I'm sorry, Jen) I guess I love her less.

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jen said...

First I was all like, AWWWWWWWWE, I love you, then I was all like, well, I guess not as much as I used to...
And, I thought we WERE on the phone...