It's not about the house.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

With Respect


This isn’t going to be the typical Townville blog.

Something awful happened.

It wasn’t in Townville, technically; it was just over the border. Had I been home, I could have watched -- and felt it, apparently -- from in my house. But the poor bastard who died in the accident just moved here. With his brand-new bride, no less.

So there will be no Townville snarking at The House and I today.


Khurston said...

OK but a tiny bit of snarking at the editors at the boston globe?
"Harvey's fellow ironworkers were 'very traumatized buy this' "

EGE said...

Oh, man! I didn't even notice that. Stoopid Glowb.

Chris said...

Maybe the editor is from Townville.