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Friday, August 8, 2008

A Measure of Disorder

I organized my closet (again -- oh, and hey, if you follow that link: I forgot all about Goody and Prudence. We'll have to see if they'd be willing to stop by for a little where-are-they-now)!

But why can I never bring myself to organize my shoes?

Well, I'll tell you why: because when I take them off, I usually stand alllll the way over here...

... and fling them.

If I'm lucky, they hit the hanging clothes and drop into the shoe-pile. If I'm not, they hit the wall and bounce out of the closet all together. If I'm really unlucky, they hit the door and make a big BANG that wakes up the girl cat and she gets pissed off and goes and beats hell out of her brother. But one of these days, I just know it, I'm going to fling a Frye boot and put a hole right through the wall, and then we'll have to fill it with Great Stuff and live with it for years.

And I know me. I know I could spend an hour (or two, or three) emptying and organizing, pairing and polishing, dividing into His and Hers and lining up -- and I'd probably enjoy doing it, too, considering it would take a lot less brain power than the work that I'm supposed to do these days. But, like I said, I know me. And I know that the next day I'd be standing in the corner and flinging my wine-stained Keds* against the wall. So why bother?

Right, Dodo?

"Right. Just please try not to fling 'em at the door? That bitch hits hard."

* They're faux-Keds, actually. In boots, I go for brand-name. But for sneakers, I go cheap.


Stephanie said...

I have a shoe rack. There are never shoes ON it, unless they are flung across the top. All it does is take up more floor space my shoes could be occupying.

jen said...

Funny. In my closet, the only things "organized" ARE my shoes!!
PS Your floors are gorgeous. I can't convince Gabe that we should rip up the carpet in our bedroom and fix the wood floors.

EGE said...

Steph -- I knew I liked you for a reason!

Jen -- That's because you live in Opposite World! (PS Wanna know a secret? Wide pine = cheapest wood floor option. And I love it, too --Thanks!)