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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

If You Went To Jail, They'd Make You Sell the Buick, Anyway.

Hey kids!

It's Would You Rather Wednesday!!!!


What does that mean? Well, Jimmy, it means I ask a question from my magic box, and all the boys and girls get to take turns giving us their answers!

Oh don't you worry, little Georgie, there aren't any wrong answers in this game!

Sound like fun? Yes? Yay! Let's play!

Now sssshhhhh... Gather 'round and listen close...

The category is Appearance/Embarrassment, and the question is: Would you rather...

Meet your greatest heroes and vomit on them -- OR -- in trying to meet them, be arrested and publicly accused of stalking?

Okay, here's the thing. First of all, most of my heroes are dead, so der. Obviously, I would totally rather puke on a dead guy than get accused of stalking one.

Right, Joe?
Secondly, any of my heroes who are actually alive, I probably have already ralphed on 'em at one point or another.

Right, One Friend?

But okay. If there were an alive hero-person I could think of whom I hadn't already blown chunks at, then I guess I would rather show them the old technicolor yawn than get arrested and publicly ridiculed for mooning after a b-list celebrity like some defrocked Catholic priest.

Right, Father?
Besides, something tells me my alive-hero-person might just worship the porcelain goddess occasionally his own self.


Whoops, I forgot to say: Now you're up! What would you rather do?


Chris said...

I’m going to have to go with Vomit instead of Arrest because the whole stalker thing has been done to death.
I don’t think I’ve heard a news story of somebody vomiting on a famous person,
but if it were to happen this is how I see it playing out;

EGE – Mike I love your show, and I really love how you get dirty, I love dirty!!
Mike Rowe – Well hello there, surprisingly enough I hate getting dirty.
EGE – Oh really, then it must be tough, Oh Boy, my tummy feels a little queasy…
Mike Rowe – Are you feeling OK?
EGE – Actually I’m - (insert favorite vomiting sound effect) -
EGE – Hey Mike!! Nice shoes!!!

Hey, at least this way your hero will remember you…

LadyCiani said...

Hahaha! I love the thought of vomiting on Dirty Boy! Too funny.

Um, I'm going to go with the vomit also. I think it's much easier to claim, "I'm sorry, I have a touch of morning sickness." (Even if I don't and never will.) But it seems like a nice cover that's bound to get you some sympathy and perhaps a "congrats!" from your favorite celeb, maybe even forgiveness. And it's somehow less icky than food poisoning.

Audrey said...

Stalking is so passe. Everyone and their mother is/has a stalker. I think a bit of upchuck is a nice alternative. A little more colourful, if you will. Hmmm...who would I barf on if I could. Tough one but I think I'll have to go with Nancy Pelosi. It would be dignified though.

Jenni said...

Vomit....because it will cost less..Jail...that is expensive.
Unless you stay, then you have a food and a bed, and don't have to worry about holes in the floor or walls. (even gas for your car) And just for wouldn't really have to stay very long. Maybe through the cold winter.

Khurston said...

I've put too much thought into this. First, I think of the handful of famous people I want to hang out with. Then I define hero to myself and change my mind. And I think I could handle throwing up on tom petty and tina fey but not rosa parks and thurgood marshall. I'm also going to say that just becaused I'm publicly accused of stalking doesn't mean it's splashed all over the tabloids - probably only if you're stalking someone who's identifiable by their first name. I say it means is that your name is in the 'arrests' column on page 17 of the local newspaper. So I'm ok with that.

su said...

Hey amember then the criminal uked on K's feet in court when she was prosecuting!
I pick uke as I am not big into cavity searches.. although it has been a long time... I might enjoy it now

The Handsome Husband said...

I would agree that vomitting is the way to go. You can always blame it on the bad chinese food.

Being arrested for stalking takes it to a whole different level. It will impact your "Permanant Record"