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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Whoa, Back Up!

This... not such a terrible thing to have to look at for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon:

Hubba hubba! What bushel have you been hiding your light under all this time?

We'll see how it goes today. The money isn't on those boys to win against the brand-new Jets and their slightly aged pilot, but if #16 at least keeps his head and puts on decent show, I might just go ahead and buy the t-shirt.

(For the record: I'm kidding. I never did buy #12 -- or even #54, for that matter. Too popular. Too following the crowd. The only team jersey I have is that fella on the left there. And what that says about me is that I may be indecisive at times, I may occasionally waste time jitterbugging while looking for an easier way through, but when the chips are really down, watch out, cuz I will go all Corey Dillon on your ass.)

Patriots 19;Jets 10


Muskego Jeff said...

I just picked up my #4 Jets jersey yesterday. Gotta wear the Packer jersey from 12-3 and the Jets from 3-6. Sorry, but I'm hoping your hunky new QB gets a lot of chances to meet the GB defense up close and personal. :)

su said...

And after the game he was all kinda "aw gee gosh" like Brady was at first. And 2 brothers who play pro baseball and he was drafted by the Astros as well..

Khurston said...

Sorry Brett, New England ain't Miami...

pork luck said...

No kidding! I saw his interview after the game and WOW!!! Who knew this young handsome buck was hiding under that second string helmet! Yummy!