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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hollywood, Schmollywood

Emmies! We won Emmies!

Oh no, wait. No, we didn't. So how exactly does the local news manage to put a Townville dateline on this story?

Record 13 Emmy wins for ‘John Adams’

By Robert Aicardi

Mon Sep 22, 2008, 03:52 PM EDT

Weymouth -
“John Adams,” HBO’s seven-part miniseries about the Braintree native who became the first vice president and second president of the United States, won a record 13 of the 23 Emmy awards for which it was nominated, including five that were handed out during a prime time Sept. 21 ceremony on ABC.... etc. etc.

Well, let's see: Abigail Adams was born here, and the Abigail Adams Historical Society is based here, so if you interview its vice president (in paragraphs seven through ten of a thirteen-paragraph article) then apparently that qualifies.

So what does this local expert have to say? What insights can she, with her inside expertise, provide regarding this historic miniseries and the occasion of its historic sweep? Can she, for example, explain why Tom Hanks thinks he has to run up on stage first and hog the microphone every single time he's involved in any big group anything?

Well, no. No, she can't. We'll just have to keep assuming it has something to do with shame still lingering from Turner & Hooch. But here are a few choice examples of her oh-so-obviously Townville-tied reaction:

On the series in general: "People who aren’t history buffs may have found the pacing a little slow and thought that there wasn’t enough action, but what I liked was that the story wasn't sugarcoated."

For the Emmy-winning Giammatti: "I’ve seen him in comedies, and I think he did an excellent job."

And finally, for the pair: "Sometimes in a movie, an actor and an actress don’t quite click as a couple, but they (Giamatti and Linney) clicked as a couple."

Now, I happen to be two degrees from Giamatti -- someone I know went to high school with him -- so I think it behooves me to see if I can't pass this woman's name along. After all, whoever he's got doing his publicity for him, they can't possibly top the skill of a woman who, when the article goes on to talk about the Adams homestead over the bridge in Quincy, doesn't manage to say Word One about the Abigail Birthplace museum here in Town. Man, you just can't buy that kind of press!

Ah well. Elsewhere on the local news site they're still debating about whether or not there ever was a pee-pee cake, even thought the ex-police chief who allegedly delivered it has since undergone bypass surgery in an attempt to change the subject.

Maybe someday, they'll make a miniseries about that.


jen said...

Pee pee cake.
Um. Turner and Hooch is an EXCELLENT film.

Deb on the Rocks said...

You totally should be paid, handsomely, for your kind of publicity, though.

I'm on the look out for the pee-pee cake on Cake Wrecks.

Audrey said...

NO it's Forest Gump that gets Tom Hanks running up on stage everytime. Knowing as he does that that film was hugely grossing despite it being trite and hugely nauseatingly sappy has fuelled him with the kind of confidence that befits any rich con man.

Glad hard journalism has not been tricked by the old "by-pass surgery" routine. Man, I see "Pulitzer" on it's way...

EGE said...

Jen -- Yeah, you're right. About the Tom Hanks movie. It is excellent. If you like drool jokes, that is. Which I am so above.

Deb -- Why, thank you! And if you find it, let me know!

Audrey -- Yeah, you're right about the Tom Hanks movie! Run Forrest, run up on stage and grab the glory!