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Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Poo Story: The Encore

I went back the next day and there was no smell in the house, of pee or poo or anything. But neither had she used her litter box in twenty-six hours.


I have either been saved by the miraculous mercy of a very sparsely-peeing cat, or I am the best cat trainer in the world -- having conditioned her in one short day to do her business in a secret place. Or else her bladder burst and she is slowing dying of urea-head.

She seemed fine when I was there, though. Refused to play and hissed at me and everything. So that's a good sign.


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Audrey said...

I'm no veterinarian (and I don't even get to play one on tv) but when I did consult the expert (who admittedly specialises in Horses and personally dislikes cats which I'm pretty sure is against the hipocratic/dolittle oathe or whatever those people take) he said, and this is a direct quote by and expert, "huh. that sounds weird." So there you go. Informed medical opinion to the rescue.