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Monday, September 29, 2008

Wine-Making, Step One

Okay, not Step One.

Step One, actually, involves crawling around on the sidewalk in the grapevines and sticking your head under leaves and into places where you just know there will be spiders, but you do it anyway because you think there's going to be jelly at the end of it. And then there isn't. Because you waited too long to pick the g-d grapes, which we've already discussed, and so now we're talking about the wine-making part of the process, which to this point is not any different than the would-be-jelly-making part of the process. Which is this:
Separating the non-food parts from the actual grapey bits.

This photo is not the total non-food collection, obviously. This is just the start. You have to take the whole twenty-two pounds (or however much you have) of grapes, and remove from them the stems, the leaves, the rotten fruit, the unidentifiable animal hair, the cobwebs, and the earwigs.

Oh yes, Beardo, there are earwigs. And they are Legion.


su said...

Are they Foreign Legion

beardonaut said...

If there was ever any doubt as to whether I would make wine or not, the answer is now an even firmer no. Hell N-O.

I'm shivering here. Damn those creepy crawlies. Damn them to hell.

Charlie said...

Thank god the grapes are too ripe! I don't want to help with jelly next year. Ick!

amanda said...

Don't worry. If you didn't get all those earwigs out, at least it'll mean added protein in your wine.

jen said...

su! You are so funny! ha!
Yeah, earwigs are disgusting, but I think it has more to do with their name and that I am deathly afraid they will invade my actual ears. Ick. Im definitely going to have a nightmare about this now.