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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stoopid Patriots

I hope they lose.

What? What? I said it. What?

I hope they lose and get it over with, and we can all moan and cry and everybody else can make fun of us, and then they can just get on with the season and forget all about last year. Until the Superbowl, when they can Avenge.

Unfortunately, they're playing Kansas City. So they won't. Lose, I mean.

Oh well, I guess I hope that they do next week.

Except for, well, next week they play the Jets. And I kind of don't hope that they they manage to lose that game.

And the week after that is Miami, and they damn well better not find a way to screw that up.

And the week after that is a bye week, and after that...

Oh man, here we go again!


Muskego Jeff said...

I ne4er thou4ht I'4 be a Je4s fan, but th4y fou4d a way to ma4e me one. My sec4nd favreorite te4m now.

EGE said...

Yeah, that's what I meant when I asked if you'd moved to New York (or East Rutherford).

Now, if we can just put a number 5 in front of that number 4, we'll be all set.

beardonaut said...

Right. I have a special dark place in the depths of my soul where I keep my disdain for the Patriots. I walk down there every August, pull it out and sharpen it until it's nice and lethal. It's out now.

Watching the Saints/Buccaneers game right now. Football (as opposed to The Most Boring Sport Ever, soccer, which is known as football here) is not a really big sport here, but there's at least a cable channel that has the decency of showing four games a week. I used to play, and I only go sport geek once a year: during playoffs.

EGE said...

Oh, Beardie, I hope you haven't misunderstood me -- and I hope we're not going to fall out over this or anything -- but I frickin' LOVE the Patriots. Go ahead, ask anyone who's been here for a while. I just am still smarting from last year, and wanted them to lose the first game so we could move on. But I didn't want what happened to happen. So now, whatever happens, it is all my fault.

beardonaut said...

No misunderstanding, and no fallout. I don't take sports that seriously.

And I really do loathe them. No reason, really. Then again, my team has always been the 49ers, and they've basically sucked for the past ten years, so I guess the joke's on me.

su said...