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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Helpful Household Hint

Do you have cats?

Do you have a backlog of projects you've been meaning to get done around the house?

Then use any brand of natural pine-shaving kitty litter!

Your house will have that fresh-cut smell of new construction, just as if you were actually getting something done!

Been meaning to build an extra closet in the guest room? Put the litter box in there and close your eyes!

Been putting off replacing wall studs in the office? That empty closet makes a perfect kitty loo!

Can't afford to renovate the last half of your kitchen?

Well, okay, maybe don't put the cat box in the kitchen.

But wherever else you place it, the pine litter will fool your brain into thinking work is actually being accomplished. Especially when it's freshly dumped.

Until something else is.

Order now!

Again with the poop jokes, Prudence?

Yes, Goody. Suck it!

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