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Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Fixed It!

The shower door!

Want to know what tools I used to accomplish this truly professional result?

Girlie Screwdriver:


Plus a minute and a half.

I do wish I could have said wad of toilet paper:


And an hour and a half. But I guess there is no all-in-one tool after all. Or all-in-two.

Patience never was one of your strongest virtues. Was it, Prudence?

Shut up, Goody. I fixed it, didn't I?

And you know what I didn't notice until yesterday?

Leftover sticky-tape on the shower wall from where the hanger-thingy used to be. Now I should probably do something about that. I didn't even see it there until I wrote about it to you people.

Thanks, you people. I hope I don't have to worry now about actual macaques.

And PS, I didn't notice my Windex was broken, either, until I took this picture. See the close-up?

Hm. Maybe that explains why it doesn't squirt out when you try to squirt it. Maybe I shouldn't have slammed it quite so hard against the wall the first time the trigger failed.

You notice the bottle was still under the sink, though. I pull it out, it doesn't squirt, I slam it one more time and put it back away.

I may be impatient, occasionally violent, and a little bit Destructo, but I don't give up on things that serve me well.

So there, Goody. That's a virtue. Nyeah!


Khurston said...

WD 40 rules. A truism:
If you need it to move, get the WD40. If you need it not to move, get the duct tape.

MP said...

I bet goo gone would allow you to remove the sticky uppy thingy
Khurston, if it is yellow is it duck tape?

mp said...

oh and Ege you and Prudence and Goody might want to watch one of the afternoon talk shows. They are featuring multiple personalities.

EGE said...

Ooh, Multiples! My own personal guilty pleasure.

The people the people the people the people the people...

Which show? When?

Sparkle Plenty said...

See, multiple personalities are only useful to a point. If you had CLONES you could assign each one an afternoon show to watch to find out which one was featuring multiple personality people people people. (Dang. I am now taking afternoon work avoidance to a whole new level.)

Congrats on fixing the shower! (It actually looks like you could CREATE clones in that shower.)

cuz donna said...

Sybil 1977. did I win?