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Friday, October 12, 2007

The Only Two Thoughts I've Had Today

1. With Dallas in town for the Pats game on Sunday, and Cleveland at Fenway tonight and tomorrow, you know what game Boston'll be playing this weekend, don't you? ... wait for it ... think about it ... okay I'll tell you: Cowboys and Indians!

2. Do you want to know why it's been raining for a week after it did not rain around here for two completely months? Because last week, I finally gave up and watered my fruit trees for three entire freaking days. You know, to send them off into the winter all good and juicy-like. Because they're young, and we were supposed to have been watering them every other day all summer, but we did that last year and it cost us a thousand dollars, so this year I decided they'd be fine. And then it didn't rain for two completely months. And I was afraid that if the ground froze with them all dry and stuff, they'd just cough once and keel over. So I gave up and put a slow drip on them for three entire freaking days. One day each tree. Hose running. 72 hours. And then the morning after that it started raining. And it hasn't stopped. You're welcome, everybody. You're welcome, pumpkins. You're welcome, thirsty skunks. You're welcome, all trees, everywhere. I don't even think that there's an "except for" on this one, like there was for the polar bears the last time. I can't think of anyone who suffers because I did the thousand-dollar rain dance. Except for, oh yeah.



braveheart said...

LOL "cowboys and indians"

Stephanie said...

Oh, MAN, I'm going to be so sad to leave in the middle of the playoffs. I've been tricking my Mum into thinking she likes baseball to get her to watch the games.

Leslie said...

Oh geez louise, I did almost the same thing: Finally broke down and watered everything, really drenched every planted item of value twice a day for two days... and then it finally rained.

I think my hydrangea is still going to die, though. I think I neglected it's dying gasps for water a wee bit too long.

cake said...

I tried to tell the cowboys and Indians joke to Mr. Cake...and botched it so badly he laughed at me for at least ten minutes.

And then I had to turn my laptop on, connect to the internet, and come to this blog to get the wording right. Sigh!

I'm guessing it's early onset senile dementia...if I start typing gibberish, please send the nice men in the white coats and tell them to bring a straitjacket. Thanks!

EGE said...

That's all right, Cakey. You've been very busy keeping the bugs away from the field.

But if we don't start winning soon, I'll send the straitjackets.