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Friday, October 26, 2007

This Cannot Be

I just got home from work and Johnny isn't here. He was supposed to be here, because we were supposed to go do something together this afternoon. But he's not. This ain't unusual. Irish time, remember?

But he did paint the bathroom while I was away. Huzzah! This is the bathroom we first stripped the wallpaper off in March. Of 2005. That I blogged about him getting pink eye from washing the old paste off back in February. Of this year. That I posted pictures of his joint compounding when I was ballsing up the closet. In June. So it's finally painted.

Yay! Right?

Well, here's the thing. Johnny and I have an unspoken but heretofore very happily agreed-upon arrangement, whereby he does all the painting and related work, and in exchange he gets to pick all the colors. This has always worked out well in the past. He is, after all, a Master Decorator, with a degree in whatever it is Decorators get degrees in. Decorating, I guess.

He picked the burnt sage (which I wrote about in my very first post) in my bedroom, and it's lovely. He picked the pale yellow in the back hall. Sublime. I had a hard time holding my tongue when I saw the can of goldenrod-type color he had chosen for the entryway but, once more, he spot-on. I still don't understand the explanation he gave me as to why a barely-grey was better in my en suite than a linen white could ever be, I just know it is.

But this? Um. The best way I can describe it is to call it Pepto-green. I think the color's actually called a mint of some sort, but I have never -- nor would I - eaten a mint that looked like this.

This picture doesn't do it justice. It is really green.

(Nice little reflecting-sparkles off the toilet-water, no?)

Maybe you're thinking, even ratcheted up a notch or two, it doesn't look so bad. Maybe you're thinking, with that deco tile, the kitchy, throw-back color might actually work.

Well, you're wrong. May I remind you -- because you've obviously forgotten -- the color of this bathroom's sink and tub?

Pepto pink!

Now, we've talked about replacing the sink and getting one of those bath-fitter things over the tub, but some accepted wisdom says the pink is period to match the tile and we should leave it as it is. Which is all well and good. I'm all for bringing things back to their original charm and everything. But this color gives me nauseau. Heartburn. Indigestion. Upset stomach. And that other thing.

So it can't go with its minty cousin. It just can't.

Which one of you good folks volunteers to tell my husband?


Anonymous said...

I'm with you 100%.

You're MINTY fresh! It's like an Orbit's gum commercial. Except having anything that color around the house DOESN'T help with the dirty mouth. My whole house is sided in that color, and it certainly hasn't helped MY dirty mouth. In fact, I may be the next person arrested for cursing out an inanimate household object...

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. Flashback... When I went to visit mom and dad in FL in March, I came home and my downstairs bath was all redone. Hubby was all excited to show me the surprise remodel. New sink,new vanity, new medicine cab, new floor and... new paint. If you've ever seen glow-in-the dark green... I had to wear sunglasses the first week. Softened it up some with white eyelet and Cape Codish accessories. Your green is more like Operating Room green. I've spent a fair amount of time in those OR's in my line of work and seen stainless steel accessories work to make it less bile-like...And ahem, my hubby still thinks I love mine, sooo I'm not your girl to tell Johnnie (AND, I'll deny it if you ever tell my Johnny otherwise...)

Chaya said...

oh YIKES. I have to admit, that even without the pics, the concept of minty green with porcelain pink just makes my eyes cross and my tongue bug out.

If I happen to make it up that way any time soon, I'll tell Johnny after a few IPAs...

Anonymous said...

Hell , just say the wotf and I will rain on his parade.

Anonymous said...

I have your bathroom!! (Or maybe you have mine...)
Anyway, my bathroom fixtures are that lovely shade of pepto pink, and when I was stripping the paint off the bathroom door last summer I discovered a coat of that lovely green -- we call it the maalox period here.
Anyway, my mother remembers the whole week the bathroom walls were that color -- she grew up in the house I bought -- and says that my grandmother repainted it the next day she had off.

Anonymous said...

The tile looks very nice in the photo - is it black and white? The minty green looks good with the tile. You need to trade up your pink fixtures to white at the rag and bone yard, or the salvage yard as they are known here. I think there is one on the South Shore. Perhaps they will accept pink as a trade in for white. Or maybe you can have your lovely fixtures refinished in white.