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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jean, Jean, The Poem Machine

Jean loves Upstate, she do, she do.
Jean loves Grey Gardens and Chesterfields, too.
Jean has a kitty who likes to go poo.
Jean loves that kitty, she doo, she doo.

I have a kitty, I've two, I've two.
I love Grey Gardens, but Chesterfields? Boo.
I took me a picture -- hey kitty cat, shoo!
I see him in there, do you, do you?

Jean saw it first; she knew, she knew.
Jean spied the paw and the little nose, too.
Jean -- wait a second, now, that isn't true.
Jean spied the paw but the nose, she blew.

Looking at that picture again, now, I'm not sure that is his nose. But I like the poem the way it is, so we'll pretend...

4 comments: said...

Yay!!!! I'm printing this!!!

Robert said...

Love your poem, I do, I do.

theotherbear said...

"Jean has a kitty who likes to go poo."



EGE said...

ILU -- glad you like it!

Robert -- you too, you too.

TOB -- Hey, if you're gonna hang at the AssVac, you've gotta be down with the poo. ;-p