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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Not The Winner, Part 2

su said...

blah blah ... inside of the porch

So here you go!

Okay, it's not as messy as it looks. Take out the vac box and the Omaha-styrofoam, the empty picture-frame and a basket or two, and it is cleanly.

Besides, what su really said was...

either the inside of the porch as in the before pic of an organizing project or a real pic of the faux finish painting you did which is wonderful.

Well, I don't have a before pic, but you can kind of see the faux-crap in that picture. Off to the left. It's not as wonderful as it set out to be, but if you walk by it fast enough, it just might pass.

Which is way more than I can say for the AssVac.

However, in case you're tuning in late (or in case you are Vanessa): Vanessa won.

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