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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Picture Pages! Part 2: Trim

I tried to take pictures of the windows without the trim, but I was too stupid to try to take them when it was dark outside. And even the new camera can't help but go all snowblind on my ass.

If there were trim, it would be a big white outline round the panes of glass. No white outline, see?

Okay, here's a closeup. You can probably actually see something in this one:

Ooooh... Pretty...

Made especially so, don't you think, by the packing tape I stuck up there last winter when the breeze was blowing through and freezing the dishwater to my hands? Yeah, turns out window-trim ain't just for decoration anymore. Also turns out packing tape ain't exactly insulation. But that is what I thought of at the time, and that is how it stayed.

Till now.

I'll say more about this later, but Johnny finally painted those walls a couple weeks ago. When he did, he pulled the tape down. And once more, my fingers froze. So in the meantime -- until we get the kitchen finished-finished and replacement trim picked out and hung -- this is the new solution I've come up with:



Tara said...

HAHA! Me too! I was so embarassed when the window guy pulled an entire towel and two socks out of the gaps around the old window. That was b4 I discovered the foam.

The yellow "Good Stuff" foam for doors and windows is great for filling up those bits where the packing tape used to be. (Your clear packing tape is MUCH more aesthetically pleasing than my grey duct tape...but the grey duct tape matches the Hefty Brand curtains SO nicely.)

Just use it sparingly so it doesn't barf all over the place (and all over Johnny's new paint job), and make sure you use the one specifically for windows and doors.

Vanessa said...

Now that is something I not only would do, but HAVE DONE! A very old apartment in Seattle and a very cold winter ago.

su said...

You can actually buy rolls of fiberglass insulation made for small spaces, about an inch wide I believe and you can tuck it in amd pull it out if the need be. But when you actually frame the windows, the insulation should be in there.

theotherbear said...

All these sensible suggestions, bah. Just get a cloth or rag in a colour that matches the room. Then you can call it decoratin'.

EGE said...

Tara -- Why didn't I think of Great Stuff? We used it in the other hole. And why didn't I think of it TWO YEARS AGO!?

Vanessa -- That's because you're brilliant, just like me!

Su -- Why didn't I think of that TWO YEARS AGO!?

TOB -- I like the cut of your jib.