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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not The Winner, Part 7

Khurston said...

what those cleaned out closets look like now?

Ha! You thought you were going to catch me, but I've done pretty well, I think. See for yourself -- presented in the order in which I first cleaned them out:

First, we go to the front closet:

It's not my fault Johnny has so many coats. And hats. Unfortunately, moths got in there and we didn't notice until he pulled out the dark green Aran sweater that I made him and it was full of holes. We saw the moths flying around, but we thought they were coming from the press. As a result, you should see how clean we've kept our cupboards -- but you won't, because nobody asked to see the cupboards, and with any luck, within the month, they're coming down! (Oh, don't pout, I'm sure I'll show them to you sometime before they go.)

Next up: scary cubby under the stairs. Not technically a closet, but it counts.

Again, not my fault. The mop and old vacuum belong in there, for lack of a better place to put them (the new vacuum won't fit, which is why it's still in the middle of the dining room). But for some reason Johnny decided this was where he ought to put his Christmas Candy. That grocery bag on the middle shelf, the box on the bottom with the arrow on it, and all that red and white stuff piled on top? All Christmas Candy. I don't know what's in the box on the top shelf, though. Let's look...

Hm. It's all our decks of cards and cribbage games and macala sets and things-- games, that used to be on the broken corner-table in the dining room. But wait, that table...?

Nope, not there anymore. Huh. I don't remember throwing that thing out at all. But you can bet your Christmas booty Johnny didn't.

Thirdly: the office closet Johnny painted after I f'ed it up.

At least once a day, Johnny asks me what I plan to put inside that lovely closet. Maybe, someday, the new vacuum. But for now I think it's probably a good thing I don't iron clothes too often. They'd most likely come out with a faint perfume of Kitty Loo.

And last but not least, the piece de resistance: My Bedroom Closet.

I think it still looks very neat, thank you for asking! Except, ahem...

Well, I never did claim to have cleaned out the bottom shoe-part.

In case you missed it, Vanessa won, and I am picking up her special prize today.


su said...

Ok not that I doubt your honesty, however, how do we REALLY know those are not old pictures?

EGE said...

Jeebers, Mom, you are MEAN these days! But okay, because I am so giant-hearted, I will tell you.

It's simple, really: go back and look at an old picture -- any old picture, doesn't have to be the closet. See? The difference? In these ones, it doesn't look like the air is full of cream of wheat!

Happy, Meanie?

Vanessa said...

And, as I stated in my blog today, I LOVE mail! I am so excited that I won, I can hardly wait to see the prize. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for picking me!