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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Not The Winner, Part 6

Johnny's home after all. Poop. So this will be my last post tonight, but I'll finish up the others in the morning.

Micky said...

Your BROWN Fontanini (?) nativity!!!!

First of all: Welcome, Micky!

Second: Unfortunately, the Christmas crap's all put away. I did go up in the attic with the camera for you, but I wasn't going to go setting up the whole Nativity again. So this is the best picture I can offer of the Fontanini, all shoved into the stable that my father made me...

Hm. I guess there is some tint to it after all. I never noticed. Trust me when I tell you that they do not look that colorful in person.

This camera truly is amazing!

Seriously: anyone out there who's been to my house and seen my Christmas -- wouldn't you have sworn the thing was brown? Or am I nuts?

Anyway, in case you've tuned in late , Vanessa won (which she already knows).

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