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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Not The Winner, Part 4

Charlie said...

Underpants Gnome!

When we first moved in this house, all of our underwear went missing. Charlie said the Underpants Gnome probably stole it. Now, at last, I've got the perp on film.

If only I knew what he done with our knickers.

But, in case you're tuning in late (or in case you're Vanessa), Vanessa won.


Charlie said...

The underpants gnome is made of chocolate????

Khurston said...

wow, i'm impressed with the quality of the camera. it actually focused on the item you were taking a picture OF, not the random foggy bits on the corner of the shots. bravo!

EGE said...

Chrlie -- No, not made of chocolate -- it's a REAL gnome, silly!

Khurston -- yes, and I would like to emphasize the "it focused" part of your observation. It did it. By itself. Not me.

Worth. Every. Cent.