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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Play the Johnny Game!

[Contest is closed, now. Sorry, late worms!]

Johnny has a beard.

It's a very handsome beard. Not every man can grow one like it.

But it's making him itchy, which is making him sad.

See, Johnny usually starts growing his beard on Hallow's eve, and then he shaves it off on Easter. But this year he started early, as you can see by this picture I took from my gimp-bed on November 1...

And by now it's driving him to...

So he wants to hold a pool. Like you have when a baby's due. Except this one's better than the ones he plays up at the pub, because this one's free!

Guess the date and time that Johnny's beard comes off, and we will put it in an envelope and mail it to you!


We'll send you a little bit of what we had for dinner last night?

No, huh?

Okay, we'll send you this.

Did somebody say chick-un?

All right, all right. Seriously:

Johnny says he will draw a picture for the winner, of whatever you decide -- or, if you'd rather, he will decide for you. He's a very good drawer. Just ask my football buddy

Uncle Johnny draws very good aminals!

(I'm not kidding about this. He is a really good drawer. Unfortunately he always gives them away, so I can't show you any of his work. But they are good. They actually look like stuff and everything.)

Also -- because hey, I live here, too -- I'll throw in this Very Funny Book that I found at my Special Store the other day.

(The picture is a link to its Amazon page, as if "Don't forget to carry your thing" wouldn't be enough to get your crave on.)

And we'll also throw in a few more fun things, chosen just for you.

Okay, it's time for Official Rules and Reminders:

1. Johnny will not see the comments, so he will not be influenced by what anybody says.

2. Don't forget, he's supposed to last till Easter, but it's driving him insane. So you've got a wide spectrum to choose from.

3. I'm going to have to say one guess per customer. It wouldn't be fair if the first few folks took up all the good days.

4. If nobody gets it exactly, then whoever's closest wins.

5. I'm counting from both directions -- in other words: there is no Price is Right, "without going over" rule.

6. In the event of a tie, whoever guessed first is the winner. (That's why I said to guess the time of day as well. To narrow the chances of a tie. Also, this way two people can guess the same day if they want to.)

7. Johnny also has mad hair:

... but if you suggest he shave it off, I'll killya.

For all you housebloggers et al. who are popping your tenterhooks, I'll continue the kitchen saga first thing tomorrow. For now, though, the sun is up -- so I gotta go!


Khurston said...

I was going to say march 15, but geez easter is early this year, that's only 2 weeks early, and if it's already driving him nutso, can he last that long? hell damn crap. oh what the hey. i say march 15.

su said...

I'll guess VD Feb 14th

Ladyscot said...

I was going for Valentine's Day but since it might take him a little while to do it, with probably having to trim it first and all, I think I am going to go for Feb. 13 at 7:15 pm. I'm not sure he can last that long, but I'm giving it a shot. said...

1/26/08 - 9:17:53pm EST

I'm shooting for an early date. Men have no patience.

and I'll be wantin' a picture of a chipmunk if at all possible. :)

Micky said...

Hmmmmmm...My stud can't handle a beard for a few weeks....Chinese New Year's sounds good....2/7/8. 5:50 pm-ish.

Kate said...

I say 2/21/08, around 7pm!

Sparkle Plenty said...

First things first, Johnny is a handsome fellow! (And yes, I know this won't earn me any brown-nosing bonus points, Mrs. Cleaver.)

My guess: Super Bowl Sunday--February 3, 2008. I believe that his beard is not just driving him to drink, soon it will HAMPER his ability to imbibe and that is just a no-no.

There is, of course, an alternative--unless you KNOW he's gonna take it allllll off (insert stripper music), he might scale it back to some kind of Beatnik/Deadwood goatee thing. If he has been watching westerns and/or playing bongo drums, watch for this.

Vanessa said...

My guess is St Patricks Day, he will drink because he's Irish, and well, who doesn't drink on St Patty's Day? But he will have liquid courage and just be done with it. In the mean time can he put conditioner on it in the shower so its not so itchy?

Janice said...

well, i was going to go for an early date if its itchy now I don't think it will last long but if Vanessa's suggestion of using conditioner on it works that might stuff up my theory... on the other hand he's already thinking of taking it off so he might just go ahead and do it - so I'll stick with an early date: sat 26th January, but morning, not evening as has already been guessed - say about 11.00 am

DonnaStaf said...

March 1st 930pm. That's my mom's seventieth birthday...

Charlie said...

Feb. 18th at noon, AZ time!

Sparkle Plenty said...

Rats! My poor reading comprehension strikes again (which is why I JUST NOW "got" "with wit and high humor"). Okay. February 3 10:35 a.m.

Janice said...

umm... Sparkle - do you want to explain it to those of us who don't? or maybe to just me if I'm the only one?

Sandy & Michael said...

wow, I picked a busy day to pop back in and say hi.

And for fun I will guess, um, that it stops itching so much as it grows in and he will keep it longer than usual...I'll say April 16th.

Chris said...

I'm going with Feb 4th for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

goddessof4 said...

Feb.25 3:00pm

Sarah said...

He cant shave it off before paddys day he looses his little irish man look. But then again if hes banging on about it.... and it will probably be home to more than hair by march. hmmm im going to have to go with the 18th of march.

braveheart said...

Feb 6 7:00 a.m. Well if he can't make it to Easter, he should shave it before he get 'is ashes and give up the beard for lent.