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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gimme an EGE!

The contest in the post below is still open, if anybody's got any ideas. In the meantime...

Apparently, it is some sort of tradition in Nevada for towns to write their initials REALLY large in something white on a hill by the side of the highway. (You might have to click on these pictures to make them bigger to get the full effect here, but see if you can follow:)

E is for Elkin.

C is for Clavin.

W is for Winnemucca!

So I guess the point is that Nevadans are durn proud of their towns. That's cool. I dig it. We Massholes can be, too, after a fashion.

But, um, if this Masshole were city planner in a town called Battle Mountain? I might just decide to skip on over the whole thing...

...or at the very least I'd call it quits after the B.

One Friend and I did not, in case you're wondering, BM in Battle Mountain. We did P here, though:

It was disgusting!

(Sorry, man. But seriously, how long has it been since we've had a good poop joke at The House and I?)

P.S. Ms. Lucky Pork, I'm watching you! You and your Mighty Mighty Woodcocks!

You're lucky (pork) that San Francisco's not on our agenda! Grr!


pork luck said...

uh oh...

Vanessa said...

I love how in Nevada they put the letter on each mountain, you know, in case you get confused!

su said...

Hey that was cool that the sign for the desert was on a Nevada shaped metal fence thingy! Don't forget to eat your veggies or no twinkies!