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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Have I Mentioned...

...that Johnny came back from Ireland looking very much like Elvis?

T'ank you, t'anks very much.

... or that Boy Cat stayed here the whole time, looking like a spud?

What does a potato say?
Idaho, Alaska!

... or that this was Johnny's birthday cake?

Happy birthday, Princess!

... because somebody thought it sounded like a good idea?

... and that I got a bug in mine?

Although I'd like to point out: that is not my hand.

... or that I actually made this sweater?

Although I'd like to point out: my dad does have a head.

... or that I really do have One Friend?

Also, apparently, elephantiasis of the calves.

... or that -- well, I got nuthin'. I just figured it had been a while.

Oh, Prudence, how can I get my dirty hands
on that AssVac of yours?

Happy April Fools Day, everybody! Even if all of the above are true and deadly serious, and I'm just taking this the opportunity to clean out my picture folder of all the things I forgot to tell you about last month.

Oh shoot. Last month.

Rabbit rabbit.


P.S. We have a winner on our First Official Monday Contest. I will immortalize their entry as soon as I get home from work.


LadyCiani said...

Oh Lord, that cake!

My sister and I each got one when we were growing up.

So, I know what's under that frosting. it's a naked doll with a spike for legs!

Ladyscot said...

Oooh, a doll cake! My sister and I (twins) each got one of those one year (a looong time ago). said...

Rabbit Rabbit.

Why did you say that? I always say that when the clock turns to 11:11. I don't know WHY other than the little girl that I nanny'd in college would say Rabbit Rabbit at 11:11 (am) everyday.

EGE said...

LadyC -- Yes, this one had a spike. The ones we had when we were little had real naked dolls. I was not expecting the spike. It was a little shocking!

LadyS -- I didn't know you were a twin! At least you each got your OWN cake, which is good. I wish I got my own cake on Johnny's birthday! (Oh, and hey look: LadyScot and LadyCiani. You two should have virtual tea and crumpets!)

ILU -- Here's why! I never heard of the 11:11 thing, but I do say "Thanks, Ted" at 10:17 -- and I have no idea why.

'phaz said...

"10:17?... Thanks Ted".
Was a catch phrase from Moira Birch's big brothers firesign theatre inspired comedy troupe's recording (I think they only made one).

And although a web search yields an intriguing abundance of fortunate, fortunate happenstance,(once in a the strangest of places...) I couldn't locate the name of the group or the recording.

theotherbear said...

Those cakes always kind of freaked me out a bit.

braveheart said...

ewwwwwwwwwwwwww! you always get the bug.