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Monday, April 28, 2008

We're Docked!

Not quite, One Dog.
Not quite.

One Dog and One Friend are heading down to Connecticut tomorrow, to where they will live. But tonight we all are here, and I am home.

We have a winner in the Name the Best Bar contest -- although it never occurred to me someone out there would actually know. I am the Worst Contest-Thrower, Ever.

I'm fweeping wate tomorrow (remind me, some other time, to tell you why I spell it that way), but when I do log on I'll tell you all kinds of things, including the Best Bar In Chicago story.

Which has nothing to do with This Particular Cross-Country Trip.


cuz donna said...

oh my, what did Two Cats do with One Dog in their turf?

EGE said...

Ha! Well, One Cat more or less hid the whole time, and Other Cat went on sentry duty, keeping one eye on One Dog at all times. But there was no bloodshed, thankfully.

Sparkle Plenty said...

YAAY! Welcome home, Ege, and welcome to the east coast, One Friend and One Friend's Dog!

So, what the heck did you guys eat for pit-stop snacks? Salty crunchy things? Dubious pickles from la-BOR-a-tory looking counter jars? Sodas? Ice cream? What?

I feel very bad. In my trunk, I have AAA's Guide to Places Where You Can Take Your Dog. I should have given you the 411 on motels before you left. Although, I guess you didn't know quite where you'd be stopping in advance?

I loved your poem:
Lincoln, Lincoln
I've been thinkin'
Just how bad
Your rest stop's stinkin'

Can't get it out of my head. I think I might need to chant it whilst skipping rope. Then, I'd need to add a little fast counting/skipping scheme to the end of it: "How bad does it STINK? 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-"

I saw some great rest stops on my trip--really, staffed by sweet little elderly volunteers with free coffee and stuff--and some really terrible pitty pits. I think they need to move all rest stops into the 21st century and provide masseuses, showers, and WiFi. Althought the showers might be sketchy. Forget the shower part.