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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Monday Winner #1

I asked:

Which is more likely: That I ate my Toblerones all at once, or that I had one every day and just let the empty wrappers keep accumulating on the floor beside my bed? Discuss.

Somebody answered:

You ate one package, the Pony ate a one and the Princess ate one package all together @ one time. There was a race to see who could finish and you all washed them down with Diet Coke mixed with a jigger or two of Johnny's home brew which accounts for the hangover and not setting the alarm clock...

Our first Monday winner knew just how to play
It’s not about “right” but the things that you say.
I’m vain, insecure, and I need reassurance
That you all are paying attention to Prudence!
So when someone wrote in quoting me back to me
Mentioning Diet Coke and the brews of Johnny
I knew that the poem had to go to her, and
I hereby present: 1311 Vernon.

Let’s hear it for Jenni, who won this first go!
She’s also reviving an old bungalow –
But she’s not a MassHole, she’s living in Georgia
(That’s G. as in peaches, not as in perestroika).
Which explains why its springtime on her blog, full-torch,
(And why she’s got pollen all over her porch).
She drove a lot-lanta this week, Jenni did
She went to the market, she went to the skids
She went to the DQ (they’re looking for workers)
And an old soda fountain place, devoid of jerkers.

Last but not least, Jenni’s been rated E
For "Excellent," of course – and she shared it with me!

Really! Look here! But I didn't know that before I chose her for this, I swear!


pork luck said...


EGE said...

Keep trying, Porky Luck! I heart you with puffy glow in the dark stickers -- so you are bound to win sooner or later!

theotherbear said...

It was definitely the best answer! And a fabulous poem from you today.

Jenni said...

Thank you, Thank you very much for the great poem !!! I can't believe I actually won something.

I have had no internet all week. Even the free Wi-Fi spot had no internet.

Now I gotta catch up with your other posts of the week.