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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Am a Senile Old Fool!

Since when do we not have to dial 1 before a long-distance call? We don't. Did you know that?

For years -- years! -- I have been writing numbers down off the caller ID, then clearing them off the phone and re-dialing them. Because my caller ID didn't add the 1. Though I have also just learned I could have adjusted that.

Sheesh. What won't they come up with next?

P.S. I hear there's this new device that records live TV!

P.P.S. I kept putting this post up and taking it down, because I kept thinking I could turn it into something longer (and funnier) if I took more time. I've decided to leave it up for now, and reserve the right to reprise and extend at a later date. You may call me Mary Shelley, if you must.

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