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Thursday, April 17, 2008

May the Windows Always be Open

Our front door
Has an attitude –
Sometimes it will
And sometimes it won’t

In damp or wet weather
You have to coax it –

In hot or warm weather
It’s very obliging –
It can be considerate
At times.

Here’s how to work it:

When it’s cold
Push the button, and then
Kick it
On the bottom
While you pull it – if it’s stuck –
At the top.

When it’s warm
It opens at ease.
Push the button,
Pull it forward,
And it’s fine.

So (Johnny says)
We don’t have to take a plane
To the top,
Or the bottom.

But he’s wrong.

P.S. Johnny wrote this one. He came in last night all excited. "It's officially spring! The door opened without me kicking it! Let's write a poem to celebrate!" And so he did. Mostly. Can you tell which parts I edited in?

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