It's not about the house.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Ask Dr. One Friend!

I wrote this whole essay here about how I met My One Friend, but then I realized: she's still sleeping, and she might not want me to run it without running it by her. It involved hot dogs and ladies underwear, and she might not want everybody knowing about that part of her past. Especially now that she's been officially offered the New Haven job and everything.

(I'll pause here, whilst y'all applaud My One Friend... thank you. Now, moving on.)

So instead of telling you about all the transvestites and ETs we used to pal around with, I'll open up the table for discussion:

What do you want My One Friend to tell you?

It could be about this house, about me or Johnny, about her or the Ivy League. It could be about the weather or the clam pee or the stupid, stupid cat. Ask her anything!

Remember, she's very, very smart. So she might just know the answer. And if she doesn't, she's very, very good at making answers up.

We'll check in later this afternoon to see what you've come up with. If you come up snake-eyes, then I'll ask her some questions of my own.

Play! Play! It's Fun!


Khurston said...

why do AM radio stations fuzz out when you go under a bridge, but FM radio stations don't? said...

Why does Erin only have "one" friend? Is it her deoderant?

DONNA STAF said...

What is clam pee?

su said...

Why do stin rays jump out of the water and into boats?