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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Big Fat Pain in the Dang

I couldn't get on line this morning. Comcast knew about the trouble in my area and wanted to assure me that their technicians were working on the problem. Did I want them to telephone when they had the problem fixed? Yes, please. Did they? No. Thank you.

I don't know what made me check right now, seeing as how they hadn't called yet to tell me it was working. But I did, and it is. Only by now I'd already assigned myself tasks to fill my morning, and I don't even remember anymore what I was going to say.

So I will just say this:

I sucked it up and took responsibility for the snake-neck, head-biting fight on Monday, but I will not shoulder the glass-throwing blow-down that happened yesterday. It was him what threw the glass, because I was busy slamming dishes. And you want to know something? It -- the glass; the glass he tossed for the express purpose of hearing it smash so he could get some across some great big Fighty Point; that glass -- didn't even break! He literally threw the thing against the wall and it bounced off, hit the table, landed on the floor, rolled across the room and settled at my feet. I actually heard it say "Nyeah, nyeah, Destructo!" in this tiny little voice. Bastard. The glass, I mean. I'm done being mad at Johnny. That's the thing about our fights: they blow, and then they blow away. But when they blow, boy, if you're near us, you'd be wise to duck your head.

Anyway, he started this one by being in a head-biting mood of his own when I walked through the door. I put the screws in by refusing to walk away when I knew damn well it was go time. But the real instigator was the AssVac's g-d kitchen.

Suffice to say that the wainscoting I discovered two days ago and got all excited about is not the secret treasure that we thought. The wainscoting I discovered two days ago and got all excited about is, in fact, one Big Fat Pain in the Dang.

Can you tell me why?

I may post more later about the easy and fun final stages of kitchen remodelling if I get my homework done. And if Himself and I can stop circling each other like a pair of rabid wolves.

Otherwise, tune in tomorrow for the continuing stooory of a house that's gone to the dogs.


Ladyscot said...

I don't know much about these things, but it looks like there is nothing behind it. Which means that when you tear it down you're going to have to wallboard? I spotted Johnny hiding behind the fridge!

su said...

Jeesh there are times I wish I did not have a computer!

Chris said...

So I guess I chose the absolute wrong time to call last night, so was my call pre-glass or post-glass?

Sparkle Plenty said...

WOW! I fell behind in reading your blog and I missed much. A freshly mown and even more handsome Johnny! Donnybrooks! The debut of your mom's blog on your blogroll (or was it there before?)! Your mom's adorable Charlie! And, the realization that I just bought a back-up copy of your mom's favorite book (and one of mine) this weekend and am rereading it! I'm takin' to the woods vicariously!

And...none of this comment has a shred or a sliver to do with Comcast or wainscoting. Moreover, I can't comment about either topic because both have given me deep, permanent psycho-mo-lo-gi-cal scars. Anyhoo, I'm wishing you a wonderful good rest o' your week and I'm thanking you for being such a great writer and so much fun to read. said...

Cabin fever, huh?

EGE said...

Ladyscot -- whoops, I should have clarified: we're planning on tearing out all the wallboard anyway. But we haven't torn out anything but cabinets as yet (hint hint).

Su -- Throw it out the window! Watch it smash in all the snow!

Chris -- Nope, you were before. Donnybrooks had not started yet when your call came.

Sparkle -- Aw, shucks. And thanks for the new fun word. Donnybrooks! Donnybrooks Donnybrooks!

ILU -- y'think? How many days till he gets on that plane?

Anonymous said...

Hey, there's the old floor under the cabinets. Take a picture quick before you tear it up!!

theotherbear said...

I'm with Bob!

EGE said...

Bob and TOB (hey,you rhyme!) -- Patience, Prudence...