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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ta Daaaaaa... Shit.

Completely empty:

Completely empty:

Completely full:

Completely full:

That's the Ta-da! part.

The shit part is this:

Look what I only noticed after I posted that picture of the empty cabinet earlier this afternoon:

So... does that mean there is wainscoting around the entire kitchen? Let's pull back just a wee bit of panelling to see...

There is! And it's beautiful! Look at it!


Except --

Look at those two pictures.

Can you spot the shit factor?


Janice said...

some of its been painted so you will need to do more ss... sss.... sanding?

Fred said...

Janice came up with it first, but I swear I thought the same thing! Sanding that would be a bear - you'll need some type of stripper to pull it off.

theotherbear said...

While a stripper sounds entertaining,
I used something here called Peelaway. I don't know if it's available where you live. It's also a safe method of lead paint removal, which yours might be if it's old paint. You just wipe the stuff on, cover it with special paper, and a day or two later peel it off and every single layer of paint comes with it. Worked a charm on my banisters that had millions of layers of paint, down to the last level of shellac. said...

WOW! I fall off the face of the earth for 48 hours and you find wainscotting!?!?!

EGE said...

Whoops! I forgot to check these comments yesterday.

Janice -- exactly. dd...d...dang!

Fred -- yes. Bear. You're right. Janice is tiptoeing because she knows that I spent TWO FREAKING YEARS stripping paint in the living room, and I'm NOT thrilled at the prospect of doing it again. But I probably will.

TOB -- I WANT SOME PEELAWAY! I've never heard of anything like it, so I imagine you can't get it here. There are other sorts of "miracle paint stripper" products, but they only ever work on the commercials. I swear, if you used it and it actually works, it would be worth the price of a plane ticket to Australia for me to fly over there and bring some home. TWO FREAKING YEARS, remember?

ILU -- I know, right?