It's not about the house.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Yesterday, on her way to see the Baseball Buddy, Destructo turned the doorknob to leave the house and both screws fell out onto the floor. Johnny found them, but it's as if they shrunk three sizes and were never meant to fit those holes in the first place. It is freakish.

They are now held in with scotch tape.

(Please ignore the ugly door jamb. Somehow, when I painted the porch, I thought the doorjamb didn't count as porch. And then, when I stripped the entryway, I thought the doorjamb didn't count as entryway. So now the doorjamb is an ugly no-man's land between the two nice, pretty, finished spaces. Someday, maybe, I will do something about it. In the meantime, who else out there can say their house is held together by scotch tape?)

Also, last night, after we got home from visiting Baseball Buddy, I sent Johnny to the pub because it was his birthday, then I scoured and scrubbed and rubbed and washed and wiped and mopped and dusted and cleaned for six hours straight. For dinner, at ten o'clock, I didn't have the energy or appetite for anything but ramen noodles. So I made them. Oriental flavor. I made enough for Birthday Johnny, too.

And then Destructo dropped the bowl.

It smashed everywhere.

I threw some towels over the mess to protect cat feet from shards of glass, and then I took my tired and destructive ass to bed.

Now I've got to start all over again this morning.

I had washed the rug and everything.


Hey, while I'm posting: does anybody know where the heck I put the ribbons so I can finish the Irish Baby's christening set before Johnny gets on that bleeding plane?


su said...

knitting basket? or maybe car did you put the ribbons in at Khurston's house or here? said...

I see a set of Corelle plates & bowls in Destructo's future...

Ribbons...nope...I'd run out to Michael's and buy more...

EGE said...

I found the ribbons. In a gift bag at the top of the attic stairs. Of course. Der.