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Friday, March 7, 2008

Tonight At Thirteen

I have a dentist's appointment this morning. No big deal. Just, now that I'm finally done with all the rest, it's time for my six month checkup. I'm going to need courage to make myself tell them about the problems I'm having with some stuff they did last fall, because I don't feel like starting the cycle all over again. But I also don't feel like having to live on pudding and Ensure before my time. So please send me courage-y mojo.

In the meantime, I don't have time to write. Instead, I have been jotting down kitchen-related thoughts all week in anticipation of this moment. So I hereby present to you:

Headlines We Will Not Be Featuring This Week On The House and I

Why Do I Smell Gas?

Are You Okay?

Better Take That Down Before Somebody Gets Hurt.

Are You Going to Eat That?

Thanks for Suggesting Johnny Give Up Smoking, Jean!

Are You Bleeding?

Oh, Crap.

Oh, Shit.

Oh, Damn.

Oh, Fuck.


I Don't Like Choices.

I Can't Decide Now.

Don't Ask Me Again.

You Have to Stop Talking.

Wasn't the Fridge Supposed to Go There?


What's This Switch Do, Anyway?

Is That an Electric Smell?


What Did I Just Step On?

This Was Never Meant to Be an Eat-In Kitchen!!!!!!

and finally...

Neglected Cat Driven To Self-Imposed Cuteness

Why Are You Shouting?


Amalie said...

That's why I don't go to the dentist, too. I once had 11 teeth worked on in a 2 week period. No bueno.

Now that I have dental insurance, I should just get it all over with. My grandfather once said that the best thing you can do is get all your teeth pulled in your twenties and get dentures. He did.

I'm kinda starting to agree with him.

Ladyscot said...

Congrats for your win on P-Dub's blog!

EGE said...

Amalie -- I'm kinda starting to think you and I are living parallel lives. Fighting with husbands, living dental hell. Do me a favor: don't die or anything, okay?

Ladyscot -- Hey! I'd've totally missed that if it weren't for you! Even though somebody else emailed me with the EXACT same info. Him, I misunderstood. You, however, came in loud and clear.

So, in related news: I WON A $300 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO RESTORATION HARDWARE! What should I buy?

Seriously, I'm asking: What do you think I should buy?

Ladyscot said...

and, guess who told "him".

EGE said...

Ah. I should have known.

Anonymous said...

There is so much neat stuff on that sight, it's hard to choose...

donnastaf said...

Italian Hemstitch Sateen sheets and bedskirt. bet those sheets are delish!

Ladyscot said...

Oops, sorry, anonymous was me!

Ladyscot said...

Or is it I?