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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Silly Sunday

1. I'm over here today. But I don't mention boobs until the very end.

2. We were supposed to take the cabinets down today but, after the destruction Johnny wrought last night, we may need to wait. The plan was to move the fridge to that now-destroyed wall while we worked, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable plugging it in to an outlet that is hanging by live wires. Johnny's got a call in to the electrician, I'll make him call her back if she doesn't call today. But I suspect I will be spending another Sunday on the couch with newspapers.

Ah well, if I must.

3. Despite much talk of itch and scratch, and many questions regarding who would win if he shaved now (which I've steadfastly refused to answer), our boy is still really beardy.

I think he may be holding out for Easter like he always meant to. But there are a few of you out there who guessed that day or later, so the game's not over yet. The trick is that we just booked him a ticket to go home for ten days and, without realizing that we'd done so, we put him there on Easter Sunday. So the three new rules are: 1. We're going to have to take his word, because I won't be there with him to witness the shearing, 2. All times are going to be local to where he is at the moment, and 3. I won't be able to show you a picture of him till he gets home.

Of course, he still might shave before he leaves. You never can tell with beards, I always say.

4. Johnny is laughing so hard in that picture because we've been reading this:

Nana sent it to us, in exchange for one of these.

And I hope Nana and Grumps are getting half as much fun out of Betty as we are from Barry Crump (not Crumb, despite what I may or may not have typed in an email -- sorry, Nana). The exchange was her idea, and it worked out so well (for us, at least) that I wish I could do it every day!

Anybody else out there got any favorite funny books they want to trade?

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Janice said...

I'm loving Betty - just being introduced to all the neighbours at the moment - so that's where Maw and Paw Kettle came from!! I love the way she so naturally endows all her surroundings with personalities.