It's not about the house.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Look! Mom! Mom, Lookit! Mom. Moommm. Mommy! Look! Mom! Mom! Mom! Look what I did! Look!

Those appliances don't count. They're staying there.

Oh, shit. Rabbit rabbit. Dang.


su said...

I am so happy for you. I have been paying the neighbor to come a couple of hours at a time to help me get re or just primarily, organized. So when and if this blessed snow EVER ends, and melts, I can forget about it and go out to my true love, the gardens. Sorry you inherited the omg gene and not the of course gene!

Fred said...

Rabbit Rabbit! It was close to the first thing I Said -- does that count?

Nice work getting the closet cleaned out. We just did a massive "giveaway" of a bunch of kitchen stuff we never used. What a relief.


Leslie said...

It's April Fool's day. I bet that pic is photoshopped just to LOOK like it's been cleared out.

And I guess I'm destined for a really lousy year. The first two expressions of our my mouth were a mumbled whiney "g'morning, I still feel like shit" followed by a very bitchy grumpy "get OFF me! GO! GO! Outside!!" The first was to Partner and the second was to the dogs, in case you were wondering.

Leslie said...

Uh, note to self: Don't post before first cup of tea is at least halfway consumed.

It's MARCH you idjit, not April.

Pantry looks great, btw.

Now let me go crawl back under a rock.

EGE said...

Su -- I'm not quite sure I understand what you meant by omg and of course genes, but just so we're clear: I'M not the one that makes the messes! Himself takes care of that job. I just keep cleaning up. Grr.

Fred -- Welcome! Welcome, Fred! I have always loved that name. Fred. Just sounds so friendly. Hm. Wasn't Mister Rogers's first name Fred? Could be where I picked it up. Anyway... Rabbit rabbit! (But no, I don't think it counts).

Leslie -- you crack me up. I read your first post and seriously checked my calendar "Der, I THOUGHT yesterday was Sadie Hawkins day, but maybe I was wrong..."

Dr. Charlie said...

Dang! those stairs do look dangerous, no wonder you keep falling down them.