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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Everybody!

Ta da!

I intended to show you a picture of the truly stunning, Faberge-quality, little ovoid treasures we created, but I can't. Because, immediately upon taking this in-process shot, my camera died.

Don't fret, though: it was just the battery. And the old one had enough juice left to download the images that were in it, which I did without panicking because I knew I had a spare. For once in my addle-headed life, I actually had the foresight to buy two of something, so that I would have backup in an occasion just like this.

(Actually, I'm lying a little bit here. The fact is, they just so happened to come two to a package. And the truth is, I really didn't want to spend that much money that day. The reality is, I looked and looked and tried to buy just one. But they didn't have any one-battery packages, so I sucked it up and bought the pair. Still, though, it was nice to know I had the thing around. Until...)

I couldn't find it.

I looked where the other batteries go, I looked where the camera goes, I even looked in the camera box, which I also saved for the first time in my dispose-all existence. Nuthin. Although I did discover that the CD with the camera software on it has somehow broken clean in two. I don't know how Destructo pulled off that one.

I looked in the junk drawer, and in the other junk drawer, and in the junk drawer in my bedroom. I looked on the bookshelf where I shove shit, I looked in the file envelope marked "camera" (which I have since conscripted for something else because I thought it was empty, but where I found, lo and behold, the SD card I thought I must have thrown away).

I looked in that tray on the table where things sometimes get put. I looked in both little pot-fors on the mantelpiece. I looked in the stationery drawer, the random-electrical-cord drawer, and the Drawer Where Secret "Things" Go. I did find one Secret Thing I had forgotten that I owned (woohoo!), but still no camera battery.

I looked in, on, under, and behind my desk. I looked in the crack between my pile of "ideas" and the shelf where they belong. I looked -- very carefully -- in the place where I cram all my to-be-filed paperwork. I even, just this very second, sucked it up and emptied out the pen thing.


For some reason, One Friend thinks this is hy-ster-ical. For some reason, One Friend thinks this is "oh-so-very-typical" of me. For some reason, One Friend is not at all surprised.

For some reason, One Friend is spending Easter with Somebody Else.


Chemical Robotiks said...

i used to love decorating easter eggs when i was a little kid said...

no post today?!?!?!? wassup?

EGE said...

Ummm... I accidentally watched the John Adams biography on HBO on demand during the wee morning hours when I should have been posting.

But I'm off to write one now!