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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Attempting to Find a Motive

One friend is gone -- thank god. Now maybe we can actually get back on track around here!

Normally, as you know, I am a tireless worker bee, puking away for the greater good of the hive. But here it's been two weeks since we got anything accomplished in the kitchen. Well, except fixing that leak. Which has to count for something.

So -- now that Johnny's home and rested up, One Friend is gone, and I've got exactly one month before getting on a plane and flying all the way across the country, then getting in a car and driving all the way back home (!) -- it's time for me to buckle down.

I've got to tear that wainscotting out of the kitchen, run wires through the walls, buy and hang some plasterboard, rip all the old staples out of the ceiling and finish tearing those tiles off the floor -- all while coming up with an outline and synopsis for a project destined, if I do it right, to be hailed as "Huck Finn meets Leopold Bloom" (no "N" word, but lots of "F"s!).

Sheesh, that's a lot of work.

Hey! Was that the Times hitting my doorstep?

I think I'll start tomorrow.

P.S. I've taken a few weeks off of this as well, but I'm back over here today. Sort of. I might have phoned it in a little bit, but at least I got a poet killed before hanging up.

2 comments: said...

It's a great story but reading Huckleberry Finn or anything written in a dialetic gives me a freakin' headache. Hurrah for the F word!

EGE said...

Oh, no. I didn't mean it would be dialectic.

Okay, how's this: Joel Fleischman meets Leopold Bloom?