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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Sad-Clown

The internet wasn't speaking to me yesterday but, in short, here's what you missed:


Andy was supposed to come and help us run wires in the kitchen, but Andy had the flu. Good old Andy, he offered to come anyway, but we told him to keep his plague germs to himself.

Oh, no, wait -- you did miss something! We had gallons upon gallons of rain. And here at the AssVac we don't just sit around feeling smug and dry when we get gallons of rain, now, do we?

Aw hells no.

But hey. At least it had the decency to drip into the sink.


So we crawled up in the scary part of the attic to look around. We found this:

And this:

And this:

So we did this, and this, and this:

And that stopped the rainfall in the bathroom. (See wee Johnny? He's trying to squinch himself back out of the picture, but there just wasn't anywhere for him to go.)

So there now, it's official: The AssVac needs a roof. Good thing we found that big bag of money up there in the attic!

Oh no, wait, that bag was kitty litter:

But, on a related note, here's a would-you-rather for you:

Would you rather...

Crawl into your attic and find out that your roof's been leaking for lord-knows how long and you're coming into the rainy season with $9.77 in your bank account?


Crawl into your attic and come face to face with this?

Yeagh! I'll take roof leaks for $1000, Alex.

Oh wait, it's too late, I did both. Today, therefore, will be spent drinking calmly by the fire.

P.S. I'm also over here today. It's not really about Douchebags, per se.


su said...

Here come the clowns.... maybe you can sell him on ebay said...



You probably just need a nice thick layer of sealent up on the roof. I have to do mine every couple of years. It's like a goopy-goppy tar like gunk. I'm real technical, huh?

EGE said...

Goopy-goppy, got it.

Old Skool!

theotherbear said...

Dear lord, that is one scary find. A perfect prize for your next competition.