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Friday, February 1, 2008

And You Wonder Why I Mention It So Often

Sometimes, this idiot...

... gets this door open (it's in the kitchen; more on this fugly later)...

... and spends the entire day up here:

...meaning the attic, in case some of you don't remember my post about the F.O. stairs.

It happened again this morning. I woke up, I put the coffee on, the door was closed. But when I went to get coffee, the door was open.


I opened up the door and sure enough, there Dummo was.

"Ah'm up here, Momma! Looka me!"


So I shut the door, figuring in a few minutes he'd come back down. In a few minutes, I opened the door again.

"Ah'm up here, Momma! Looka me!"


So I shut the door again. And I dropped off Johnny, and I came back home, and I worked out and I wrote a bit and I went to work and came back home and wrote some more.

And then I noticed that the bread machine was still on the kitchen counter, where it's not supposed to be, so I opened up that attic door to put the bread machine on the shelf where it belongs and--

Shoom! Out comes Dummo Cat.

Oh crap! I left him up there all freaking day!

The problem -- which speaks volumes about the both of us -- is this:

I am less concerned about the fact that he spent nine hours in the frigid cold, than I am that the litter box was not the first place he went when he came down.

Crap! Shit! Defecation!

If you thought I had a fixation on such things before, we've got ourselves an attic-mission now.


Vanessa said...

I was gonna say poor kitty until you got to the litter box part, now I just say poor you.

Jean Martha said...

years cat ran into my closet and I was unaware...and i closed the door...then I went to work...then i went out drinking...then i came was like 90degrees in nyc that day...

poor dumb kitty...but she made it...and miraculously she didn't pee or poo in the closet...

Charlie said...

could be worse....
my cat spent the day in the fridge while i was at work. she snuck in there, i went to work. thankfully i was a slacker and had a short day at work that day. she was fine.

theotherbear said...

So was it the cat shutting the door to get some privacy? Or you? Or the same ghost that played around with your deadlock on the basement door?