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Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Is So Organizized!

Ta da!

(Ignore the stuff on top; we'll deal with that later.)

And also: ta da!

I is so pwowd of me!

Except, well...

Remember what I said about keeping Johnny from piling crap all on my newly-empty space?

He didn't. I'm happy to report that, for once, he has (so far, at least) managed to let an empty space just be.

But, um, somebody else seems to have put a thing or two down on the counter.

On the table.

In the middle of the g-d dining room.

And, unfortunately, whoever did it has had just about enough organizizing for the afternoon. Weekend. Month. Year. Lifetime.

You want to know what's worse? I'm not even finished with the emptying.

But I've gone as far as conceivably possible with the filling-up.

(You will notice, please: I moved the plates.)
So all this crap I've piled around is going to have to stay right where it is. Until I can organizize the shelves inside the attic stairs. Ugh.

Yeah. Um.

How long, do you imagine, that job's going to take?


DonnaStaf said...

You will need a Costco box of trashbags, at least a 12 pack of IPA and a three day weekend to get that done!

theotherbear said...

This is one of those jobs that get s worse before it gets better. Have you ever thought you guys might, possibly, horde things you won't ever need again? said...

Umm, wow. I thought I had a lot of crap. I mean, priceless items.

EGE said...

Donna -- you got that right! Unfortunately, the next three-day weekend isn't until Patriots Day, and I can't wait that long!

TOB -- not US. WE don't hoard things. Johnny does. Me, I throw things out. Or break them. But then he cries.

ILU -- At least your crap is pretty!