It's not about the house.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One Ringy Dingy...

I have been sitting here for a half an hour, unable to think of a single stupid thing to share.

Do you want to hear about how I started the shelf-project last night by cleaning off the attic stairs? No. Because I wrote about that once before, and it was funnier back then.

Do you want to hear about how Johnny cleaned the whole entire house while I was at work and then, when I got home, tackled the basement? No. Because then you'll take his side in everything.

Do you want to hear the correct answers to yesterday's quiz? No. But I'll tell you anyway: 1. e (all of the above), 2. ibid., 3. a, 4. op. cit., 5. this was a trick question because, you see, that last picture was not really my husband.

(Do you want to hear me chastise myself for op. cit.-ing an ibid.? No. Because no one has used either of those terms in twenty years. )

All right. Fine. So I got nuthin'. But I don't want to stand accused of phoning it in just because I've got nothing to say. After all, why would I phone if I had nothing to say?

So I'm going to log off now and go do some stuff. Maybe, if we're lucky, I'll break a dish or hurt myself or something. Then I'll have something funny to tell you all about this afternoon.

ooh, ooh, ps in the meantime -- look what came in the mail the other day:

Okay, maybe I could have done without the flash, but still: FINAL NOTICE. Scary! Who's it from?

SCARY! What do they want?

Shoot! How did they find me?


su said...

I know the rule.. you can ibid an ibid but must NEVER ibid an op cit. That is from my butt when I actually had to write documented term papers. Wow I love retirement!

Anonymous said...

Final Notice? Nervy little pricks.

Amalie said...

The opening paragraph of that letter sounds so threatening!

I mean, that they would resort to such scare tactics and fear mongering is...wait-- it's from who? er, whom?


Anonymous said...

'Cause you, unenrolled voter that you are (even though you are our nice "progressive" friend), took out a Republican ballot to vote against Mitt Romney, and now everyone knows it.
P.S. Did you remember to unenroll afterward?

Daisy said...

The ibid and op cit means nothing to me, even though I still write term papers (planning a retirement/second college graduation party for myself in 2027!!!!Hanging at a GPA 3.8)And the republican letters are scary(and I live with Alex P. Keaton, so I have a translater). But indulge me in an EGE moment and ask.. Why do I need to redo my Google/Blogger account everytime I try to post here? It NEVER recognizes my password. It remembers donnastaf, but that's it!

Stephanie said...

Last chance to become a republican? ooooooooh. act now! (feed into shredder, fireplace, etc.)

EGE said...

Braveheart -- Seriously, I thought about it. But I didn't, I swear.

Donna -- Guess they were right about the terms being obsolete, you're just hipper than I am. As far as your password goes, the same thing happens to me. Dunno why. But if I go to Google (which I use as my home page anyway) and click on "My account" in the upper right, it always remembers me. Dunno why.

Steph -- I just pulled it out of the trash so we could have a ceremonial burning.

EGE said...

Amalie -- I know, seriously, the Republicans? Pick on one enemy when it's really another they ought to be worrying about? And then scare people into supporting them? That doesn't sound like them at ALL.

ILU -- Yeah! Nervy little pricks!