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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Go, Speed Racer!

I got this t-shirt in the mail the other day ! (Nicely arranged here upon my unmade bed -- please note: the kitty bed is portrayed in the upper right; kitty herself in upper left.)

Oh, let's have a close-up, shall we?

I got it for correctly identifying this foreign object in someone else's keyboard:

She took the picture down off her own blog already, because she didn't want the E! True Hollywood Story people to find it when they finally come calling. So how did I manage to get it to show you? Well, I wanted to win so badly that I copied it to my own computer, of course, where I enlarged it and then spent twenty minutes examining and theorizing, until finally I knew:

I Love Upstate is a booger-picture-taker.

Hey man, E! was bound to find out one way or another. Investigative reporting -- how else do you think they earned that extraneous exclamation point?

I apologize (on ILU's behalf) to all of you who might not have wanted to look at booger-pictures first thing in the morning. All I can say to that is: at least it wasn't poop.

If it helps ease the sting at all, she also sent me this very pretty journally-type book:

Which I think I will use to write my blog-ideas in. You know, for all the times I'm out and about and think of something brilliant and hysterical, but then later can't remember what it was? Oh, which reminds me...

I bought this at the Asian market Saturday:

It's a little piggy-bun of some sort, very elaborately packaged. Packaging which, by the way, does fuck-all when it comes to keeping air out -- or pig-bun in, for that matter.

I have absolutely no idea what Piggy is, or what he's for, but I fell in love with him right away. He cost two dollars and has, apparently, 277 calories -- which is a lot for a plain-old bun his size, so I suspect he's full of meat or fruit or something. I imagine he must be related somehow to the Chinese New Year, but--


Do you think he might not be a pig at all? Do you think he might actually be... a rat? Come to think of it, that is an awfully long tail for a pig. And ooh, yeah, look at those wee scrabbly feet.

Well, he's good luck, then. I think I'll keep him.

At least until he rots.

This post was supposed to be about how, inspired by Speed Racer, I've sworn to get my cabinets emptied by this weekend. But I got distracted by the booger, and the rat.

Well, I say: who jolly wouldn't?

I have, though. Sworn to Speed Race through the cabinets, that is. Starting this afternoon, by moving the plates to the
proper cabinet, where I jolly meant them to go all along.


su said...

Hey I found some home made ones I will send the pic to your email

Jean Martha said...

It was big & crusty and FELL out of my face when I leaned over the keyboard. Just had to wasn't picked.


Go Speed Racer!

Back to the convention like a lab rat I go...

Sparkle Plenty said...

Wicked decent Speed Racer t-shirt! And, that's VERY much a rat!!! Although, I must say it's a rather appetizing-looking rat.

(Oh man, I don't even want to think about what's in my keyboard. Pirate treasure is not a possibility.)