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Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Plates, Boss! The Plates!

So at long last we're at it, the final plate-tally.
You've been very patient, I did dilly-dally.
But now the big pottery count-time is here --
Will the winner be Leslie, or mama moderne?

Let's see now, this one's made of metal, so then
How did Destructo break all of its friends?

It looks like a picnic, those red things are bugs --
The lady kind, not the real garbage-y fugs.

This one might be older than all of the rest
It was first owned by Charlie, my friend that is best.

She moved to Jamaica, all she left was her stuff
(She's moved nine times since; number ten's coming up).

This one's Crate & Barrel, it came from MD
She bought us the set when we moved to Quincy.

All that remains now is this and two bowls
(Which are under the porch, feeding stray cats and moles).

There are two of this pattern, though you probably can't tell.
And Leslie was right, it was made by Corelle.

These were also from Mom, when I got my first place
These two, plus three bowls, set a yet-unmatched pace.

This one -- I'm not sure of exactly its story
It was never a full set, of that I am sure-y

Asked if he knew how it entered our lair
"Yeah!" Johnny answered, "I got it somewhere!"

Hm, as dishes get smaller, my memory apes
I also don't know where we picked up these plates:

They are also Corelle, and somehow they are three.
Johnny says that my Mommykins gave them to me.

These, of course, match the big one from Charlie-my-dear
(Who just might be finally moving back here!

It's very slim chances, it's one of her ropes,
But I will not go getting up all of my hopes.)

These were also from Mother, she's bought me new dishes
Every single time I've relocated my digses

(A few of you noticed these bowls match the other
Saucer that's since been conscripted for butter)

These are the Corelle bowls, pattern #4.
We really don't use them that much anymore.

The stainless come next and they're not of a piece

Which you'll recognize once you see them side by each:

This white one, I think, came with a Christmas pud:

We tried to start sourdough in it: no good.

And lastly, these glass ones, which also don't match:

But how could you know that, when they're all attached?

And so there we have it -- my dishes: The End!
But I still have to figure which one of you wins.

Technically, then, there are twelve different "patterns"
But the double glass/stainless jobs really don't matter.
So ten is the answer -- did anyone get it?
Dang y'all, no!

So I guess we'll forget it.


Leslie said...

LOL well I didn't "win" but I got mentioned in the poem which makes me rather absurdly happy. I will admit that as I attempt to tackle taxes in the middle of a room that is now an explosion of paperwork and I STILL can't find two things from my credit union which will prevent me from doing my taxes until Tuesday if I can't find them, it doesn't take all that much to make me happy - or at least not that much to make me happier than doing this heinous task. However, even if my alternative were hot brownies and relaxing junk TV, this mention would put a smile on my face.

su said...

The ones with the green checked edge I gave you with a picnic basket and napkins to have romantic picnics.

EGE said...


Khurston said...

OK, i gotta know, were you EUWing at the thought of doing taxes or romantic picnics?

EGE said...

Romantic picnics. Taxes aren't even on my radar for at least a month.