It's not about the house.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


1. I'm over here today. Hamlet was a punk. Pass it on.

2. After I post this, I'm logging off. For the entire day. I promised Someone. But if Someone goes out for cigarettes, I will sneak in.

3. Someone, as you can see from the pig-rat pictures below, is still pretty beardy. But I caught him doing this:

So I think he might be honing draw-chops for the beardy-shaving prize.

Or he could just be upset the daffodils got buried in snow this weekend, so decided to go ahead and draw himself a Bloom.


jen said...

He can draw? Ugh. I heart you Johnny...
And also? He totally reminds me of French from Departed. I often wonder if Johnny is the one to tell me who I can hit, and who I cant.

Jean Martha said...

I love that he can draw, but the James Joyce picture is bringing back nightmares.

EGE said...

Jen -- he can draw, but he retired from the hitting business when we moved in together. Except for once. Remember that episode of Roseanne when she gives him permission to slug that guy in the bar? That happened. Once.

ILU -- Don't worry, nobody REALLY understands Ulysses, they just like to talk as if they do.