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Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'd Like To Thank all the Little People...

...who live in my computer and wished me well yesterday after I gave them the direct order to do so. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Especially Leslie, who is much sicker than I am, although I'm not quite sure with what, because there are certain things that we Do Not Discuss.

In honor of all of you, and because of all the well that I was wished, I am off to Dr. Canadian Dentist this morning to have my real and honest, permanent and last-step, actual porcelain crown put on. (In truth, I tried to call and cancel my appointment, but she wouldn't let me. If I sneeze and blow the damn thing across the room so we have to start all over, it is Dr. Canadian's fault and no one else's.)

But I'm not going to work afterwards. One advantage to being, and endlessly having to explain the meaning of, a "Lady's Companion" is that Elderly Ladies oughtn't to get sick. So when you have so much as a sniffle -- sometimes even if your husband is sick but you're still fine -- they insist that you stay home.

So I should be home by 9:30 or so, if Dr. Canadian has her timing right. Unless I feel the need to take immediately to my (cough*) sickbed, I will figure out who won and write that poem I promised you on Tuesday.

*This should in no way be interpreted as anything more than a last-ditch bid for sympathy. It is definitely not a sign that I'm going to be dying of consumption in the final act. It's just a cough. From just a flu. A 2008 flu, too, not the 90-years-ago variety.


su said...

Hey can I be Roger Clemens and lie about eating on the dishes and enter the contest?

Leslie said...

Ah but the answer is right there in the link you gave!! Darlin, this more than anything tells me that you really ARE sick, poor budgie, since your powers of observation are generally quite keen.

(I won't make you look again: Super-Tuesday anaphylaxis. ambulance, ER, swollen to monstrous proportions, followed by 12 days of high-dose IQ-and-emotion-destroying prednisone).

Feel better soon. You can't be sick when I am because I need to read your stuff to feel better, mmmkay?

EGE said...

Su -- No!

Leslie -- All I remembered was something about a colonoscopy, and I didn't think you'd want me to mention it so I... Oh. Whoops.

su said...