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Monday, February 25, 2008

Riddle Me This

1. If you’re having a lovely lazy Sunday, and at the tail end of it you flip the switch to turn on the garbage disposal and it does dud-freaking-nothing, you should:

a) turn on everything else in the entire kitchen because it’s easier than going down to check the fuse.
b) panic that you knocked a wire loose shifting things from one cabinet to another.
c) yell at your husband, because you didn’t put anything in the cabinet under the sink so he must have done it, after you specifically told him not to, and now he went and broke the frigging pig!
d) try the other switch.

2. Speaking of pigs, this


a) a pig.
b) a rat.
c) a noble cultural symbol that oughtn’t to be joked about, because it represents thousands of years of proud tradition and rich, spiritual history.
d) Baby Jebo.

3. Speaking of old prunes, this

a) Jean, in Estelle Getty’s bathroom, which looks an awful lot like mine.
b) Me, in my bathroom, which looks an awful lot like Estelle Getty's.
c) Estelle Getty, in my bathroom, looking an awful lot like Jean.
d) My new kitchen

4. Speaking of eating in the bathroom (which used to be my punishment for being bad), when I get home from work this afternoon, I should:

a) start knitting for the other baby already, so she won't wind up being christened in her birthday suit.
b) start organizing those shelves off of the attic stairs already, so maybe I can put my kitchen back together before 4th of July.
c) return the battery/charger to Radio Shack already, and go to Best Stupid Buy and get a new one, so I don't wind up throwing my new camera through a window.
d) watch a re-broadcast of the Oscars.*

5. Speaking of very small men, the cutest picture of my husband is which one of the following?


*Speaking of which, my theory is this: the Academy believes they really stuck it to George Bush by giving all the Oscars away to bleedin' foreigners, except for the ones they gave to the movie that "
demonstrates how pitiful ordinary human feelings are in the face of implacable injustice." That Academy, boy, they sure are radical lefties!

Answer, and discuss.


Leslie said...


Leslie said...

Wait, you DID say "husband" and not "love slave."

5.c. said...

1 - b
2 - a
3 - c --- hahahahaha
4 - b
5 - a

su said...

The only one I care about is J and A and I say the last one is the best!

Jen said...

Why do I feel like I am taking the SAT ?

EGE said...

Jen -- Because your responses WILL go on your Permanent Record.

Su -- You were a teacher: since when is it okay to answer only the questions you care about? (PS I deleted your other comment because we don't name names here at The House and I -- except for the House. And I. And Johnny.)

ILU -- hahahaha. I kid. Estelle could never rock that haircut.

Leslie -- Tomato, tomahto.

theotherbear said...

Hmm, I feel like I am back at school.

su said...

once again I am chastised... hrumph, and it was ONLY for having bathroom manners at the table. So there

su said...

ps I think Johnny not Estelle is in the bathroom and he has shaved!

braveheart said...

A bunch of lefties in Hollywood? Surely you jest.