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Saturday, February 23, 2008

AssVac/Destructo Landscaping Lesson #1

While we were bathing the cat--

Oh yeah, we bathe the cat:

I don't know who looks sadder about it, her or Johnny.

Anyway, while we were bathing the cat, we saw this out the kitchen window:

The city (or, technically, town) is snowblowing the sidewalk! Yay! We don't do it every time. We know we should, we're sorry that we don't, but we don't. We do it if we can, but the snowplows dump all the street snow there, and if the storm is big enough, I really just can't manage it. We don't own a snowblower. Another point of contention between me and the little Irishman. Although, now that my back is bad enough I can't stand up with a shovel full of snow, and so I have to do it all hunched over like Quasimodo, I might just let him win that one after all. If we could afford it.

Anyway, moving on...

There's a space there, in the corner, between the sidewalk and our fence, where there's maybe ten square feet of actually earth. Not wanting to have to drag the lawn mower out and around the fence all the time to deal with it, we dug it up and planted lilies and wildflowers. Then the neighbors decided to drag their lawnmower over. So we put down a bunch of rocks around it, to both demonstrate and enforce the idea that we didn't want it cut.

Guess what happens when the big city snowblower runs over a bunch of rocks.

I'm not quite sure myself, but boy howdy is it loud! And then the guy gets out and puzzles over it. And then he drives away.

I sure hope they're not going to hold us responsible.

Quick, Johnny, go hide all the rocks!

P.S. Guess where a wet cat settles after you put her through the indignity of a Head & Shoulders hosedown.

On your pillow, of course.

7 comments: said...

I have to ask...why do you wash the cat?

EGE said...

Dandruff. She gets so itchy she can't stand herself or the rest of us. A vet suggested Head & Shoulders, and it works. She actually gets to the point that she asks us to please wash her this weekend.

Well, as much as a cat can ask for anything. I'm not one of THOSE bloggers who actually believes such drivel. She just stalks around looking daggers at everyone and yowling for scratches. said...

awww poor flaky kitty

LadyCiani said...

I'm allergic to cats, but I had a dog who was all scratchy. Poor dog would go out on the cement patio, sit down, and spin in circles so he could scratch. It made him all bloody, and he lived on prednisone every summer, until the vet recommended a food change.

Turns out, the poor dog was probably suffering from a food allergy. Once he stopped eating regular dog food (which is usually chicken and rice based), and got what the vet described as "exotic protein and exotic carb", (fish and potato), he was soooooo freaking happy.

But when you give smelly food to a dog that already farts a lot, WOW can it clear a room!

EGE said...

Congratulations, LadyCiani, that is officially the most disgusting comment I have ever received! Farts AND scratchy-bloody dog butts -- yummy!

LadyCiani said...

I'm sorry ... I wasn't aiming for gross.

EGE said...

Oh, don't be sorry -- if I hadn't already mailed your toys to you I would award an extra prize!