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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Does Putting a Drawer-Pull On a Cabinet-Drawer Count as DOING Something?

In case some of you were working or shoveling or doing some other industrious thing and didn't notice, I avoided all productive accomplishments yesterday in favor of playing with pig-rats and my new camera (see below).

Speaking of which: my new rechargeable battery for the camera should really be lasting longer than a couple snapshots, right? I thought so. Guess Destructo worked her magic charms again. But at least she didn't break the camera, like she thought she did. It turned out she'd just hit the button that makes the display screen go blank, only she didn't know that it was there, so she recharged the battery again and then when that didn't work she stomped and swore and threw pig-rats around. Then she noticed the button.

For those of you who were paying attention yesterday, this explains why the pictures stopped coming suddenly and then started up again.

Anyway, Johnny has made me promise no internetting tomorrow beyond the basic morning post. We're going to spend the day in front of the fire. After such a wasted yesterday, and anticipating such a wasted morrow, I really don't feel like doing anything today.

But I have to.

Those damn cabinets aren't empty yet, even though I swore they would be by this weekend.

So I'm going to go one shelf at a time, and I'm going to take a lot of pictures, and I'm going to make a lot of stupid jokes about our stupid crap. It's the only way I can see myself getting through it.

Hell, it's pretty much the only way I can see myself through anything.

Here's a little snifferee to get you started. I mean me. To get me started:

This is what happens when you really-really love Progresso Minestrone soup and they keep putting it on sale for a dollar, but your husband keeps on making homemade soup that's even better. Those two cans on the end are generic cream of celery. For green bean casserole. Because I don't eat mushrooms. Ever. Because they taste like you-know. Also, a girl's always got to have a can or two of Campbell's Tomato handy, just in case she needs a little impromptu coddling. And lastly, that green one in the middle: Healthy Choice clam chowder. Yuck.

Oh, and this?

This is not homemade soup. Don't think it is, and get confused, and spend all day worrying that Johnny's finally going off the deep end. This, it turns out, is the old-school way of removing paint from the hardware that you took off the living room windows two years ago and only just last month found in a Ziploc in a drawer.

And that? Underneath it? That is a dirty stove.

Go ahead. Make something of it.

3 comments: said...

Yep, the Healthy Choice soup is nasty... said...

I can usually get 250+ pics before I have to change my rechargeable batteries. Did you let them charge long enough when you FIRST got them? That first charge can kill them.

EGE said...

I definitely let them charge long enough the first time -- it said 1-3 hours, and I left it overnight.

Since, then, no. After the first few times it died on me, I started just shoving it in the charger for long enough to make it work again. Because at this point I know I'm returning it, so what do I care if I'm making it worse?