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Friday, June 22, 2007

And The Winner Is...

Someone named sammie? sure knows his genetics --
Or is Sammie a her? It’s hard to predict this.
I only know Sammie from one bloggy comment
And a brief one at that, about Dodo the mutant.
Poor Dodo, it isn’t his fault that he’s stupid,
It’s the luck of his chromosomes: Fate, playing Cupid.
The mutation happened in Mama Cat’s X’s,
Making him colored like opposite sexes.
It’s a phenomenon called “crossing over”
Which he-or-she Sammie learned of at Andover,
Or Dalton, or Choate, or whichever hall
Taught Sammie (the question mark) to know-it-all.
Of course, “crossing over” can mean something else:
The process of lifting outside of oneself.
Is it possible Sammie’s on some other plane?
Maybe that’s why the question mark after the name…


sammie? said...

This brillance is a product of public school education, thank you very much!

EGE said...

Yay public school! And yay sammie?

Sus said...

What community produced this brilliance in a public setting?