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Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 29, Project 12: Happy, Nana?

I don't have a "before" picture -- because it turns out when you check the box that says "delete photos from camera after copying", it actually, you know, does. Same thing happens when you highlight all the pictures in your folder and hit "delete." Go figure.

So I don't have a before picture and I don't have as many other pithily-commented illustrations as I'd planned (and maybe, just maybe, when I deleted all my photos after spending an hour carrying heavy boxes -- of albums, no less -- to the basement on a day I didn't feel like doing anything at all... maybe, just maybe, I squeezed out a tear or two). But I cleaned out the closet in my office.

Found a lot of good stuff, too.

Found lots of things for hanging on the walls (potential projects for the next feel-like-doing-nothing day, t'ank god).

Including this beautiful thing:

Which I went ahead and hung already. Because really, how can you be expected to write without an Afro'ed, eight-ball shooting, Schlitz-drinking disco muse? Now maybe I'll finally be able to get some work done...

Ooh, speaking of books (which I know I wasn't, but anyway), I found this:

...which I'm not entirely sure was ever ours, and which I think I might be better off to throw away. It ain't exactly current (it boasts "covers 1987 code; the next code will be the 1990 edition") and, as I've proven over and over again, a little knowledge can be a kangaroo (which rhymes with dangerous if you pronounce one of them incorrectly, and they'll both kick the shit out of you if you try to pin 'em down).

I thought to run a contest to guess what this thing is, but then I realized even I'd have no idea, and the dang thing belongs to me. Any thoughts?

It's my old, "portable," Macintosh IIsi. It's a pre-internet machine, so I haven't used it in, I guess, ten years. But I love the dear old thing, and I've never been able to bear the thought of letting go. Besides, I wouldn't know how to throw away an old computer if I wanted to. (Although, now that I'm looking at it, I think there might be some old poetry in there from the first time I ever fell in love. Hmmm... Sledgehammer, anyone?)

Ooh, and I found this:
It's a leather case for videos or cassettes or something (yeah, it's a little dusty: so?). But when I opened it up, and I don't know why I did that, I found these:

Shelf brackets! Yeesh. See, before I decided that I wasn't doing anything today, the shelves were going to be my project. I wasn't certain where the shelves themselves were, but the brackets, I knew, were in a grocery bag in the leftover kitchen cabinet in the attic.

Obviously not.

Whatever. For today I'm done. All that's left to go through is this box:

Which I dragged out to the living room and will tackle while I watch Rocky Balboa. I believe -- yes, I'm certain -- that this is the very last box left in the house from when we moved in three years ago. If boxes of record albums can be excepted, that is. Wow. I wonder what I'll find in there?

In fact, oh my gosh! This closet was the last bit of untouched space. I didn't even think about that fact until now. I guess you could say that, with this little project, the house is now officially 100% ...


It's needs a good scrubbing and a coat of paint -- but hey, you know what?

So do I.

Day 29: Accomplished (thanks, Nana, for the nudge!).
Time: Including the temper tantrum and having to re-take the pictures (oh you bet it counts): 95 minutes.
Cost: Nothing.
Owning My House All The Way Through Front To Back And Top To Bottom After Three Hellacious Years: Pro tempore...


ladyscot said...

Uuh, I'm not even gonna comment on the roll of toilet paper on the desk...

EGE said...

I blow my nose with it!

Kill spiders!

Clean up spilled coffee!

I said in an old post that I use TP for everything!

I don't poop in my office!

Or pee!

Well, maybe sometimes, a little, when I sneeze...

Too far?

ladyscot said...

I knew that...just wanted to see your reaction :) (Knew it would be good!)

Georgetown House said...

I don[t really have anything of any worth to say because this wine I'm drinking is kicking my ass, but I wanted to as least comment on the girl in the afro. please tell me that's not you, or that it is. I have to know.

EGE said...

Oh no, I wish it was me! It's just an old beer ad that I found at an antique store when Marie of Roumania and I were Thelma & Louise-ing it to Detroit Rock City and fell instantly in love with and had to have to the tune of 25 I-didn't-even-bother-to-try-to-talk-them-down dollars...

As a very wise woman once said to me: Holy run-on sentence, Batman!